The types of logos

There are several versions of the logo intended for various situations on the web. The provided logos must not be modified under any circumstances.

The full logo should be used on brochures, banners, cover sheets, and most print materials.

The acronym logo should mainly be used for internal materials only. It is acceptable when a lack of space does not permit the full logo (lanyards) to be used.

The mark is a support logo and should be used in conjunction with other logos. Specifically, the icon must be used with at least one full CDLE logo.

There are several size variations. When choosing, make sure the logo is very crisp and clear. If the lines become too thin or the text too small, try using another variation.

Both full color and entirely black or white versions of the logo have been made available for use. When single color logos are necessary, use the black or white version.

Download the logo

Need the CDLE logo? We've put together an extensive package of our various logos for use in just about any situation you can think of.

Please learn how to use the logo properly by reviewing the Usage section. Thank you!

Color logo
Full Color Download
Black and white logos
Black and white Download


Download iconDownload the complete logo pack!

Using it well

Using the logo in a consistently across all of our materials helps to establish and maintain brand recognition for the CDLE. If you see someone using it incorrectly, please let them or us know.

  • Use the correct logo for the job. There are a few variations to choose from depending on the size, type, and color option you need.
  • Give the logo some space. It looks best when it has a bit of breathing room around all the edges because it separates the logo from competing elements.
    This is pleasanta bit claustrophobic.
    CDLE logo
  • Use the logo sparingly. At no point should it be on a slide twice. When making presentations, only use the logo on the first and last slides.
  • When the logo is resized, make sure it stays nice and sharp. The text must remain crisp and readable.
  • Use it with the colors in the Supporting Palette. We want to set a tone visually and verbally.
  • The logo must be uniformly scaled.
  • Do not use the logo as a pattern.
    This is awesomejust wrong.
  • Do not put images over the logo.
    This is awesomeembarassing.
    Grey logo Windowed logo
  • Do not put the logo over complex photographs, text, or patterns.
    This is awesomeunreadable.
  • Do not change the logo colors.
    This is awesomeunsightly.
    Correctly colored logo Incorrectly colored logo
  • Do not add any noticeable special effects like 3D bevels, glow, or outlines.
    This is awesometacky.
    Grey logo Beveled logo
  • Do not stretch, squish, skew, and/or tear the logo. Because the logo is a perfect circle, it is particularly noticeable when it gets warped.
    This is awesomewarped.
    CDLE logo warped CDLE logo
  • Do not add to or edit the text on the logo.
    This is awesomenot okay.
    CDLE logo text added to CDLE logo
  • Do not replace the text with another font.
    This is awesomepainful.
    CDLE logo CDLE logo with custom font
  • Do not put a white box around the logo. Converting the logo to a jpg before embedding results in a white rectangle around the logo.
  • Do not reconfigure elements of the logo or add elements to the logo.
  • Do not crop or rotate the logo.